Sunday, February 6, 2011

MG Zeta WIP - diorama extended

Just a quick post before I continue working with this diorama. I basically extended the diorama using some old diskettes and reinforced it with balloon sticks and tons of Epoxy. The first photo shows how small the initial dio set up looked like so the client requested for an extension.

I was really trying to make the dio as compact as I can as shipping to US Australia will obviously cost more for a bigger diorama. The client then gave me the go signal to extend the dio so that the damaged Dom would not look too out of place. The diorama looks better but way bigger now.

I will now add details to the wall part, details such as damaged catwalks and and some typical hangar pla  plating. I will also be adding more bits and pieces around the Dom and make it look like it damaged a certain amount of area as it skid towards its final position. Anyways, here are some progress photos so far...

Even though the client from Australia liked it so much so far, comments and suggestions are still very much welcome and appreciated! :D

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