Monday, February 21, 2011

Fearless - 1/30 Starcraft diorama WIP

I just finished my StarWars X-Wing Fighter and thought to work on my old StarCraft Terran kit and my old painted Zerg Hydralisk. I used to play a lot of the old StarCraft game, I never reached the competition level though as I really suck at any computer game up to now.

Just glued ( epoxied ) the Zerg Hydralisk in place and I used an ice cream container cover for the base. I usually use wood as base but figured it ill be faster to just use the ice cream cover. I am thinking of priming the base and re-painting the Hydralisk as I painted it 15 years ago. I am confident I could do a better job painting it now. lol

I will be removing the seam lines of the Terran kit across the legs and arms and should replicate the texture with Tamiya surface primer soon. I will try to do my best on painting the figure's face as this will be my first time to paint one. I am also thinking of adding some bit of details on the Terran but I have to research a bit on how to.

I know that the Terran should have it's visors closed when outdoors... but heck, this is Sci Fi modeling anyways and I want to show the friggin face. lol... I want to add some blood splattered across the base and maybe a few on the Terran later, but does any of you guys know what color should the Zerg blood be??? Anyways, here are a few more photos of the hole thing...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

EDIT: Decided to prime the Zerg Hydralisk as I saw some nasty seam lines across the tail part. I also want to add more textures to the Zerg using putty or surface primer later. Nyways here are the photos...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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