Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NO more MAC meet ups this 2011!

Just kidding! Aside from the fact that Skype is killing our forums and maybe even our Facebook forum extensions... It is a great way to chat while building kits when you have voice and video chats on. I finished my X-Wing while Skyping and should finish my StarCraft dio this week while Skyping too.

MAC is pretty much international though as most or at least half of are active members are not from the Philippines. In Fact one of the 3 admins is from the US...yes, that will be Kriz. So as much as the actual meet ups here in the Philippines have been fun. We are actually enjoying our meet ups ( video and voice chats ) with our international members and friends so much more.

Kamm has been cursing for almost a week now, PhantomPain sounds like Hero in Heroes, Hummingbird talks like blur in the old Transformers movie, MatX and Kriz are being their usual sinister looking selves, DCMKii has been working with his FSS kit and a few others have started to join the chat these past couple of days.

I also had fun chatting with Toymaker ( Kenny ) for a couple of days now, though he is more comfortable in type chats. Adam Sonar ( creator ) and Lupes of Gundam Australia Forums has joined us last night too! This is great, we are practically having meet ups every night and I get to build Gunpla and practice my english. LOL

I hope to chat with our ZeroGunz brothers one of these days! ZeroGunz was my first forums afterall and it will be really cool to chat with Rayloke and Ryukaze and the other guys!
On a side note: Kamm is bragging about a secret paint that he won't reveal until I do not know! I vow to know the paint and will blog about it! hehehehe

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