Thursday, February 17, 2011

1/72 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter - base color painted

I needed a quick modeling fix before going to work today thus I thought of painting the X-Wing Fighter its base color. I visited master FichtenFoo's site to check how he painted his X-Wing coz I have zero idea on what colors to paint mine.

I really like master Foos shading but I wanted mine to have a bit more contrast, so I did some heavy shading on the turbines and thruster parts. I like how it came out but the other parts are still a bit too white. I already sealed the paint with future and it should be ready for decals later today or tomorrow.

Even though I added a few drops of khaki and light blue to the white, I still find the base color looking too white and clean. After the decals and the washes soon and I still find the color too white, I nice coat and some shading with Tamiya smoke should reduce the whiteness of the base color. 

The only real modification that I did was on the base. I tilted the base to the right to give it a less parallel flight pose. More photos after it is done should show the mod more clearly. I also re-scribed all the panel lines to make sure they will still pop up after all the painting and sealing. 

I painted this with Tamiya acrylics as usual and sealed it with a couple of coats of Pledge Wipe and Shine. Now here are a few photos of the glossy kit waiting for decals...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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