Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/72 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

The unavailability of the 1/35 Core Fighter made me grab this kit the other day. I immediately assembled and glued the parts together which took me about 5 hours to do so. The box contains 5 runners, a large decal sheet, a manual for assembly and a manual for the decal placement.

I am not really a huge fan of Starwars though I like very much all the ships, walkers and cruiser designs in all the movies. I do think it is a bit late for me to collect the figures back in 2001 as they have released so much even back then. Though I do think its not late for me now to build the kits if I could find more.

This is the 1/72 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter made by Finemolds. Upon inspection of the parts of the kit, I now know why Finemolds calls themselves Finemolds! The detail on this kit is very clean and crisp and the alignment of the parts is just perfect.

I took me a while to assemble this fine kit as I was fixing the seam lines while building it. Now here are some photos of this very beautiful kit from Finemolds...

The box art is simple yet is very nice, it is a bit small about the size of your ordinary hguc 1/144 kit box.

You'll get a nice large decl sheet, 5 runners, and a couple of black and white manuals. The kit came with a nice simple display stand that holds the X-Wing pretty well.

As I've said the details of the pieces are so crisp and nice! Would love to see those details after painting, washes and dry brushing!

Now here are some photos I took after assembling the kit, I have fixed all the seam lines but has to sand them off soon. You could display the kit in two ways, You could display it on its stand in flight mode or you could create a simple hangar base and have the kit landed ( the landing gears are removal ). The kit also came with an extra R2D2 head and body, a standing pilot and a nice small ladder. 

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