Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MG Zeta WIP - armor trimming

Just a small update on my MG Zeta commish. This is my favorite technique these days, I started doing this on my PG Zeta I think and I call it armor trimming. This technique gives the armors a more Evo looking look even without pla plating. It also removes the boring straight lines of armor parts. Notice how the simple yellow vents transformed into a better looking vent with the armor trimming.

A couple of trimmings needs clean up though but will just add a few more of these on the leg armors and arms before pla plating. So next update will be a pla plated MG Zeta. I will now focus on working with this kit for the next few weeks. Btw, I just use a fresh art knife for this. ; )

Anyways, here are more photos of the kit with trimmed armor parts...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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