Monday, December 27, 2010

Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010 World Champion!

new photos by Seizchu

Woot!!! I have featured this beautiful build in my blog earlier... I present to you the Children of Paradise by FENDOZA! Fernando Vincensius aka Fendoza of Indonesia is the new BMKWC 2010 World Champion! A lot of deserving kits in the event but this masterpiece nailed the coffin! Great win for Indonesia!

I told you guys... I do not expect surprises in the finals at Hong Kong. Much like BMKWC Malaysia, it is a roll dice in between the top 3 picks and my top 3 picks are almost spot on! This is great news to our friends from Netmorks, and like any other World Championship win... I expect better and greater builds from our Indonesian friends next year. Gratz to all the winners!

The rest of the winners are here - BMKWC 2010 winners

translated by zeroHertz of ZeroGunz... and the results in summary are...

Group category:
1st - Singapore
2nd - Hong Kong
3rd - Taiwan

Junior category:
1st - Taiwan
2nd - China
3rd - Hong Kong

Open category:
1st - Indonesia
2nd - Malaysia 
3rd - Korea

2 x Special Prize from Judges - Malaysia (group build), US (Open)

Great year! Great finish! Gratz again to all the winners and just continue to enjoy the hobby guys! :)

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