Monday, December 27, 2010

Finished Gunplas of 2010

It's about time to wrap up the year as it is impossible for me to finish a kit... well, unless I do a couple of SDs, a Sangokuden or a hguc just to fill up my gallery before the year ends. I actually thought I was less productive this year in comparison to last year.

Lots of distractions this year... same people... same distractions. I also set up a Facebook fan page, a group page and co created a forum this year. Also, I finished around 20 individual kits and a huge diorama last year ( The Graveyard ).

However, I actually finished 2 commissioned PGs, my first US commission work and a few more kits this year including my " The Gilgamesh " project which won in the Expert category last BMKWC 2010. I guess I was equally as productive this 2010 in comparison to last year after all...

Here is my Finished Gunplas of 2009 and the kits below are my finished kits this year ( 2010 )...

Thanks for dropping by! Til next post! :)
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