Monday, December 27, 2010

some fun & fake BANDAI logos

click image to enlarge 

Just woke up, and I am just practically warming up before working further with my MG Zeta commish. I started working on it yesterday but not much progress so far, should have updates later today though. I had fun designing the logo of Gundam Guy's G-SHOT and also our GAF - MAC Beargguy GB logo based on Bandai's logo obviously.

So I figured to make fun of the logo further and do some stupid versions. I think these logos could be really good as wallpapers in the office. The Banned logo has been done and used before but I did a few more Filipino / tagalog ( not English ) logos that I plan to use in my office soon. Here they are... feel free to use them if you like...

hmmm, these logos could be great as t-shirt designs for BMKWC next year! lol

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