Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sazabi backpack and diorama...

... and yet I still have updates... hihi... I just finished painting the base color of the backpack earlier today and I also finished painting 8 1/72 figures for the diorama. I have glued the figures permanently already and have also weathered the dio further.

The photo on top shows my vain attempt to follow Kriz / Rmahza's suggestions to put some oil spills and rust effects on the main hangar floor. The surrounding snow are also dirtied up as I think melted snow ( water ) around the edges of the piles of snow will mix with the rust and dirt of the floor. The hangar is still in gloss coat though, but I will be putting the final semi-gloss / semi- matte topcoat once the Sazabi is in place.

The backpack on the other hand was painted with Bosny flat black last night even though it was raining. I then painted it today masking off the lower portion of the backpack. Thus it ended up in black and white.

I have also sprayed some smoke ( Tamiya smoke ) over the turbines of the backpack and have written a decal sort of thing... " White Shark ". I got the idea of placing this when one of our new members at ZeroGunz ( meslow69 ) suggested that it looks like a white shark.

I will be weathering the backpack of course and will weather it as much as the Quebley shoulders. The Q shoulders being the most unweathered part of the mech should blend well with the weathering of the backpack really soon.

I have also sprayed Tamiya smoke on selected parts of the MG Sazabi, mainly all the red vents and everything that has mesh on them ( rear skirt and the leg armors ). I also applied smoke on the gray forearm giving it more contrast. Actually overall, the kit looks a bit more contrasty and weathered due to the application of Tamiya smoke.

Anyways, here are a few photos of the backpack ( before weathering )...

My trustee 2 year old airbrush is almost done for this year... though I still have to finish my PG MKII before Christmas. I plan to get another gun by next year, basically just to imitate the Japanese modelers on youtube which has multiple guns while painting Gunpla. hihi, my wife will kill me for sure... :D

I will no longer update my WIP threads in all the forums as this is practically a non-sense post, so this will be my last WIP post regarding my Bandai World Cup 2010 entry. Next post will be the MG Sazabi on it's diorama... so stay tuned for my " The Gilgamesh project " soon! Thanks for all the support and thank you for dropping by! :)
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