Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP summary

 As Matt Mrozek told me at FichtenFoo forums, I kinda had an iffy start with this build. All I know is that I wanted this to be the fattest kit that I could make out of a MG Sazabi. I also have Z Luca's masterpiece as inspiration, thus I came up with the boob part, the huge crotch, huge rear skirts, huge front skirts and the Quebley shoulders.

Now let us see some really old photos of the early stages of this build... I constructed the boob part using the backpack of a 1/100 Gunner Zaku ( Gundam Seed ). I then scratch built a crotch and a huge plain front skirt using 2mm and 1mm pla plates...

 The boob part looks so fugly ( funny & ugly ), so I decided to save face by desperately using some 1/144 GNX parts to give it more character. I also layered more 1 mm pla plates to the front skirt and some Epoxy putty to give it a rounder shape.

 I scratchbuilt  a horn / large fin using 1mm pla plates and some feet parts from a Seed kit... I also attached a 1/100 HG Impulse dagger on the fin.

 More details added to the front skirt and reshaping of the Epoxy part...

 After scratch building the crotch part and the front skirts, I soon realized that my SBing skills won't be enough to allow me to scratchbuilt huge shoulders for the Saz, thus I thought of placing the Quebley shoulders in place of the smaller original Sazabi shoulder armors.

 Then, I was honestly not contented with using the Q shoulders, as I think of it as cheating in a way. So I re focused on scratch building another part, and this time I scratch built a huge ass which eases of the feeling of cheating and to compliment the huge shoulders as well.

 I decided to use the Q a$$ to compliment the shoulders more... besides my Quebely is shoulder - less already and I might as well get more parts from it.

 Some more detailing all over the kit and...

 Tadah!!! It still does not look much, but with Bandai World Cup a couple of weeks away I just had to paint this cluttered looking mech already and trust my gut feeling that it will look okay once painted.

and here is it now, not so funny and ugly looking anymore. Like Matt Mrozek said, a good finish for a very iffy start.

 Gallery - MSN-04 Sazabi ver DC23

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