Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my TOP10 - BMKWC 2010 Philippine entries

I thought of creating this new type of post after reading a really nice thread at our MAC forums on " What is your TOP10 favourite Gundam / MS? ". This is basically my TOP10 picks amongst all of the entries at the recently concluded BMKWC Philippines 2010.

As I've said before I like all of the entries at the event and that their is simply just not enough placings or prizes to go along. I could easily have a TOP30 or even a TOP50 in this year's entries as all are topnotch works.

I chose my TOP10 in the most biased way I could do and these are just friends that is why I am featuring them here... JOKE! I based my selection on the level of effort put into the build, skill level to accomplish such great builds and the creativity in putting up such a masterpiece.

Now here is my TOP10 in NO chronological order whatsoever...
Xander Xinger aka MatanglawinX

Michael Costa aka Bulastog

Adrian Navarro Sicat aka Krescenhaze

Fil Dimaano aka Filmechs

Eric Capucion aka ecapz

Ghani Madueno aka theghan

Baro Saavedra aka New Challenger Pro Champion

John David Ceremonia aka David C. 

Nathaniel Barrera aka nath_1977

Nath Dalanon aka sacrophage

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like my TOP10! :)

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