Friday, September 10, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP - Quebley shoulders!

Ello guys, It's been a while ( 2 months ) since I worked on this project... I had it on hold as I was trying to finish my PG MKII build. However, I now decided to hold the MKII as I have to work on this already coz BANDAI World Cup is less than a couple of months away.

I even had to search my own blog to know how I name my Sazabi WIPS... is it Bakuc project or Sazabi WIP. Again, I will be joining the Expert Category for the first time this year... meaning I have ZERO chance of going back to the finals at HongKong. Thus, I thought that there is no point of just posting snippets of my progress and keep this project a secret.

I might not post progress photos once it is nearly finish as it will ruin the surprise factor though, but I would like to share this crazy kit bash idea I did a couple of nights ago while playing Castle Age in Facebook. The diorama is simpler this time thus unlike my " The Graveyard ", the diorama could never outshine the main kit.

MatX told me that the Quebley hands are not working with the overall look of the mech as of now, so I am considering to replace them with the original pair of manipulators. I also have to redo the GN-X parts on the chest as it is blocking the movement of the Quebley shoulders. I will need to re-adjust the positions of those parts to allow more upward movement to the shoulders.

Anyways, I personally think that the huge Quebley shoulders balances the huge crotch and skirts... and it kinda compliments the shape of the Boob and the GN-X part. I will definitely over detail these parts as usual and the immediate focus is to try to make the GN-X parts look UN - GN-X looking. Anyways, here are some more photos of the MG Sazabi...

My usual armor cutting to expose MG internals...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post!!! XD
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