Friday, September 10, 2010

BANDAI World Cup 2010 Group Category Entry!!!

This is my family's entry for the new Group Category for the upcoming BAKWC 2010. We are working on a simple 1/100 diorama with 1/72 figures for a 1/100 Gunpla. We glued layers of styropor together and cut it to shape. We also used some plastic materials like M&M canisters, pla rods and balloon sticks for the rest of the project.

Hehe, just joking guys... of course I could not enter this as a Group category entry, just wanted to share how I enjoy building dioramas with my kids. Actually it is my youngest kid's first time to join in our dio building sessions as he will turn 3 years old in a couple of months from now.

This will be my MG Sazabi's new and smaller diorama, I really want my entry this time to have the Saz as the main focus. It will have more details soon, but is relatively small as compared to the first diorama dio that I gave to the PG MKII.

The dio is basically a take-off area of a Hangar on a mountain side. I want the mountain area to be covered with snow coz I have not tried doing a snow dio before. Plus I plan to paint my Saz white as the design of the Saz, specially the backpack was inspired by my White Glint build.

Here are a few photos of the diorama and a ton of photos of my kids doing papier mache on the mountain area...

Glued pieces of styropor last night, let it cure then cut it to shape with a fresh knife.

I then scribed tons of panel lines on the hangar base, their are a few slips and misaligned lines but I think it will do already.

I plan to put details underneath those square holes at the sides, maybe put a mesh first then put lots of tubes and whatevers inside...

and now, the paper mache session!... my kids first applied wood glue with a brush over the styropor, then slapped some pieces of paper that I distributed...

... and the end result!!! Tadah!!! hehehe... 

I will have to cover this mess with some tissue paper dipped in diluted wood glue, let it dry overnight and apply some sand + glue mixture tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by! Til my next post! XD
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