Sunday, September 26, 2010

Detailing the Snow hangar dio...

I have been detailing and working with my MG Sazabi diorama since yesterday and I added cat walks as well which was not primarily in the plan. I realized due to long weeks without doing much Gunpla that I have slowed down considerably, and add the fact that I keep on taking breaks to play with dang Facebook games.

I managed a considerable amount of work on this dio yesterday and earlier today though. The cat walks in particular is a vain attempt to balance out the composition coz the hill with pine trees looks too heavy. Their is still a lot of amount of work to finish this as it is half the size of my last year's entry but I do not want it to have half the details. Anyways,  here are more photos of the progress so far...

Due to unavailability here in the Philippines of ready made plastic railings and lack of budget thereof, I need to painfully scratch build the railings with some 1mm square rods and 1 mm round rods. I just lay it out on the cutting board ( sometimes putting tape on both ends ) and glue the smaller pre cut pieces with Tamiya thin cement.

Lots of imperfections though as I was lazy to measure... hihi

I have also detailed the plain walls and it gladly gave more interest to the flat surface now. The railings though painful to work on gave the diorama a ton more depth. Also, notice that I have bent the trees in different directions, hopefully this gave it a more realistic feel than the perfectly erect straight trees before.

Some wires to add a bit of interest on the plain platform, I think it's a bit thick but it will do for now.

Again, the catwalks were added as a vain hopefully successful attempt to balance out the composition of the diorama. Details on the catwalks later would hopefully balance it more against the heavy hill with pine trees on the left side.

I have applied more snow on the trees with Reeves acrylic paint, looks ok from afar but it looks a bit heavy than intended when photographed up close. Btw, Reeves dries like rubber so applying it thickly like this will never be a problem.

Also I have added leftover sprues at the bottom and a mesh to cover them, this hopefully gave the ground area more depth and interest specially when painted. I might add a few more as I work on this diorama.

Off to make more railings now, thanks for dropping by! XD
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