Sunday, July 4, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP - Saz's new haircut

Ello guys, I managed to squeeze a couple of hours today after our " family day " earlier. I decided to give the Sazabi a new haircut  and a bit of initial detailing and also detailed the crotch area with a few MSG option parts and some usual pla plating.

I thought that giving the Saz a haircut and trimming off its original fin will give it a different look and also give the illusion that the body, boob part, crotch part and front skirts look bigger than they actually are. Same concept basically as the O having a small head relative to it's body.

I also added a couple of 5mm rods on the lower part of the crotch to flare up the front skirts. I detailed both the head and crotch with MSG option parts, a few pla plates and a few wires to give it the steam punk look I am after. A few more pla plating will be added on the head and the crotch to deem it as finished.

Without the crotch or even with the crotch ( before adding the 5mm rods )... the front skirts are drooping downwards like a pair of balls...

Now with the 5mm rods, the front skirts are flared up and it gave the kit a bigger and meaner overall look. ;D

Thanks for dropping by! This might be my last update on this build for now... I will restart work on my PG MKII commission build by tomorrow. XD
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