Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ello guys, just a quick post before going to work. Once again THANK YOU to all who supports my blog, my fan page at facebook and to all the members of M.A.C.! Of course THANK YOU as always to my family and the other forums I visit!

I joined a month or a few weeks ago and my blog has stayed as number 1 amongst all the members of the ranking site worldwide! yes, worlwide! hihi... Much like it is a site that ranks the popularity of its members. Topblog ranks Filipino sites only though.

However, this is not really true... all toy sites ONLY ranks its members, and it only has 40 TOY sites as members. Wait til' Ngee kiong, Toymaker or the Toy Room joins the site. hehe. But it is always nice to know that my blog, DC23 mech arts ranks as first amongst all the first 40 members of the site. Thank you for the support! XD

Once again, THANK YOU!
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