Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tamiya Micro hammer

I got myself a couple of new tools today... a Tamiya Micro hammer and a set of hollow punchers. The Tamiya Micro hammer is my most impractical tool ever! hehe... it costs 750 Php, man that is like buying 2 regular sized hammers already. ;)

However, I have this tool sickness that whenever I have a new tool I feel like doing more Gunpla. I have been collecting / using various tools in the past couple of years now, thus I am running low on the tools that I do not have. I am now starting to buy the not so important Tamiya tools.

The hammer has interchangeable heads, 1 brass head ( brass ), 1 flat metal head ( black ), 1 round metal head ( black ) and a nylon / plastic head ( white ). Basically your suppose to use a specific head for specific materials that you will hammer. Use metal and brass heads if you need a little more force and use the plastic head if you do not want to ruin the surface that is being hammered.

I will be using the hammer for the punchers actually ( I might use the brass or plastic head ), the hollow puncher set on the other hand is so cheap ( 144 Php ) and it look pretty solid to me. Basically I can use this to punch holes on .5mm and thinner pla plates a lot faster than drilling and then reaming the hole to make it bigger. Anyways, here are some pics of my new tools...

Thanks for dropping by! I will enjoy these tools soon with the Sazabi dio. ;)
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