Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Packing the AC White Glint for shipping...2nd ATTEMPT

Ello guys, I finally managed to re - pack the AC White Glint for shipping to the United States. the 1st ATTEMPT last week was a total failure! I packed it like a toy, complete with all the styro and widely spaced costs a BOMB!

The original packing was placed inside a MG Zeon box ( which is big ) and apparently the accommodating FEDex personnel gave me instructions of how to properly pack for shipping. FEDex basically charges you more if your package is either heavy or the dimensions is too large. So, I've re packed the kit today in an attempt to trim the cost of the shipping.

I used a 1/100 Dynamez box this time which is less than half the size of the MG Zeon box... hopefully this will cost me half the price of the shipping. Originally, FEDex was charging me 5,000 Php for the MG Zeon box. phew! too much! Thus, this one should cost around 2,000 -2,500 Php or around 55 USD. I thought as marking this as a tutorial but basically this is more of a tip also on how to properly pack and reduce shipping cost... here are some more photos...

EDIT: The FEDex personnel told me that he will be covering my box with bubble wrap and make a new carton ( brown ) box over it. Thus the Dynamez box will be inside a sturdier carton box. ;)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! XD

EDIT 061510 : The package arrived earlier today safely and the client happy! First US commission build and shipping a success!
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