Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am getting my MG Sazabi today!

Photo is from and this is just a quick post... I might be getting my MG Sazabi! woohoo! I think we will be getting our midyear bonus today ( most of it is for tution fees, hehe ) and I will run to the nearest Gunpla shop to grab a MG Sazabi. This will be my most expensive kit yet.

I have been practicing and doing Gunpla for a little over a couple of years now and I think I won't ruin an expensive MG by now. I made it a point when I started back in 2008 that I would not buy the MG Sazabi and MG EXS until my Gunpla skills are decent enough.

So, if you've noticed most of my kits in the gallery ( except the commission works ) are relatively cheap MGs, my most expensive now is the MG Sinanju and I have not touched that yet either. I will be comparing the MG Sazabi, MG Sinanju and hguc Kshatriya to determine what to build for Bakuc this year ( 2010 ). I will be snapfitting this as soon as I have the kit. wahoo! XD

Til' next post guys! ;)
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