Monday, June 28, 2010

my Dad's newest pet! " black baboy "

Nonsense non - gundam post guys! I was taking photos of my 2 WALX Gundam keychains and an Aang figure when an old car ( jeepney ) arrived in front of my dad's house and gave him a sack of something. My dad was all smile when he carried the sack to the backyard.

Then, I with my little son Basti followed him to the backyard to check what was in the sack... then to our astonishment ( specially my little boy ) we saw a black piglet! wahaha... Basti run for the camera shouting "  black baboy "... lol, It was a really funny moment to see my little boy amazed at such a small almost ordinary thing for us adults.

Anyways, here are some pics of my dad's newest pet! the " black baboy ". btw " baboy " means pig in english. XD

thanks for dropping by! will be taking care of this black baboy til it is good for roasting already. My little boy Basti we should not roast the pig...he said it is " bad ". lol
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