Monday, June 14, 2010

BAKUC project update - detailing the hangar

Ello guys, Just a quick update... I have been adding details to my Bakuc 2010 diorama. Again it is just a simple hangar type diorama so that it won't compete with the main kit for attention. Another plan is to try to make it as cheap as possible by using materials around the house.

The concept is very simple, unlike my " The Graveyard "... this is just a hangar base in the middle of a forest here on Earth. The few trees ( I have yet to make ) keeps the hangar semi hidden and the forest encompassing the hangar has made it rusty and it looks unmaintained.

Anyways, I used, CD cases ( clear plastic ), balloon sticks, High Impact Plastic Sheets ( HIPS ), some medical insurance cards, and some Gunpla trees. However, I did use some real pla plates for easier detailing later and a few leftover MSG option parts ( if there is such a thing ).

BTW, I got the idea of using the spruce from Zluca's and got the idea of using the balloon sticks from Fritz, a Pinoy nothing unique here actually. XD

I will be detailing this a bit more later with more smaller pla plates, MSG option parts, wire stuffs and some Gunpla trees... anyways, here are some pics of the diorama so far. ;)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! XD
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