Monday, May 24, 2010

AC White Glint - almost, almost done!!!

Ello guys, I could have finished this build today if NOT for running out of Zippo lighter fluid! Dang!!! I hate it whenever I run out of supplies in the middle of work! hate it!

I have masked and painted the black parts of the Vanguard Overed Boost ( V.O.B. ) cylinders earlier today and have also given the White Glint ( WG ) some enamel washes...though I ran out of lighter fluid! I have re assembled a few segments of the V.O.B. and have mostly assemble the White Glint except the legs.

All of the parts are still in gloss coat coz you can only do enamel washes on a glossy surface, a flat surface if applied with enamel washes will absorb the enamels and you can NO longer clean up the excess with cotton swabs. The gun and a few parts are yet to be given enamel washes while other parts just needs swabbing to remove the extra unwanted washes.

Once I get my hands on a can of Zippo, I will then have to clean up the washes with cotton swabs ( dipped in Zippo ) to complete the weathering. I will then have to add black enamel washes along the panel lines and vents and give it it's final flat top coat. Anyways, here are a few pics of the almost finished WG...

The photo below shows a part with uncleaned enamel washes, I need to clean a few parts like this with cotton swabs dipped in Zippo...

Almost done! arrrgh...dang Zippo!

Thanks for viewing...until next post! ;)
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