Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What hguc would you like to see in MG?

The photo of the hguc Gaplant TR-5 ( Hrairoo ) was taken from dalong.net as usual...who does not want  this really nice kit in MG form? I highly doubt there are even plans ( by Bandai ) of creating one but it would be fun to think about it. I did a simple and fun poll located below my Bakuc poll at the sidebar asking " What hguc kit would you like in MG ? ". Feel free to vote when you have the time. ;)

I enjoy looking at the results of my Bakuc POLL which is the " What kit should I do for Bakuc 2010? "... as I've said the result is surprising in a way, coz the MG Sinanju is winning in the poll and we have seen quite a number of Sinanjus out there. However, the hguc Kshatriya in second place is not surprising though.
Honestly, the list of answers in the poll is my list of hguc kits that I would like to get this year. I don't usually paint hgucs but I would love to add them in my little collection. I also plan to get all the hgucs from the Unicorn series, but asking for it in MG rendition is too early.

Basically, I think most if not all of the hguc kits in the list will never be done in MG, coz they are mostly support units or Zeon units with unorthodox designs that has a little fan base ( Bandai thinks so I guess ). This is just a fun poll that has no deadline... Someday, hopefully one of those kits in the list will be given an MG treatment...but for now lets just enjoy the poll and the possibility of the improbable. hihi. Thanks for dropping by! ;D

EDIT: I have removed the Kshatriya from the answers coz it is winning by a very large margin...so to make the poll more interesting I have replaced it with a different answer. Enjoy the poll! ;D
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