Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What happened to my AC White Glint build??? ;D

What happened to my AC White Glint build?...well, nothing really... for those very few ( if there is any ) people who are curious to what happened to the commish build, I figured I'd post about it. Anyways, I have not touched the White Glint for 2 weeks now, as most of you know this is my first international commission work, being my client is from the US.

The client basically emailed me to hold off the shipping until June, so naturally I was planning to paint this a couple of weeks ago but figured the painting session could wait until around May. I don't need 2 months to paint this after all. Plus I simply got lazy to paint it, coz I won't be able to ship it anyways. hihi...
I will need to sand a few small ( really small ) parts of the kit and wet sand everything to soften the pla plate edges. I think I might need to paint at least the other small parts just to reduce the number of parts to be painted...will try to start by painting the internals this weekend. Again, this build will be weathered, I will then have to ask the client if he likes the internals ( joints and other gray parts of the V.O.B. ) clean and metallic OR gray with some silver drybrushing.

Well that's about it...I have put the build aside for a couple of weeks, but I will be painting this impressive looking mech soon. So stay tuned...thanks for viewing! ;D

EDIT:  Apparently I did not check my email ( I need to check it regualrly, hihi ), the client emailed me a couple of days ago and today after reading this post and told me that the initial reason of the delay on shipping it on June is no longer the case. hehehe. SO, I will work on this kit by weekend...and I guess will be seeing this kit painted soon. hihi ;D
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