Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gundam GP01 FB ver DC23

Ello guys, I just want to share a few photos that I recently took of my 4th kit and my 2nd painted MG which I did back in April 2008. My first painted kit ( Force Impulse ), 2nd painted kit ( Gunner Zaku ) and my 3rd kit ( MG Freedom ) are all in " The Graveyard " diorama already. They are basically battle damaged and heavily weathered.

Now you can clearly see in the pics here that the quality of my builds then are ootb and the texture is not so good. I did remove seam lines back then and used Bandai water slide decals already...but I don't even know how to do panel line washes then. I used Gundam markers for the panel lines and use chalk pastels, yes chalk pastels for the soot effects. The chalk pastels are ok but it is difficult to build up the colors unlike using Tamiya weathering master.

This kit is really memorable in a way, coz this is my first MG Gundam kit from the UC series...it is an old kit with lots of parts and hideous seam lines, but I bought UC MGs from then on after this build. I really like the design of this kit coz like most UC mechs, it retains that old school military feel to it through the use of vents and boosters. I like any mech with lots of boosters actually.

I am thinking of giving this kit some battle damage and heavy weathering and put it on a small base depicting an after battle scene...at least I got photos of it before I battle damage it, unlike the Gunner Zaku and the MG Freedom which does not have photos before it was damaged. The spray can finishing here is really bad, but a good flat coat will tone that down, plus with more practice...you can actualy produce better finishing with spray cans as evident from my MG Kampfer and 1/60 Exia. Now here are pics of my 2nd MG build done April 2008...

Thanks for viewing! ;)
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