Monday, February 8, 2010

ZeroGunz BAKUC 2009 WIP GB Challenge PRIZE, has arrived!


Hello guys, my PRIZE and trophy from ZEROGUNZ has arrived!!! Wahoo, an ordinary night turned great! It was a really, really pleasant surprise to know that I won in ZeroGunz, in our ZeroGunz BAKUC WIP Group Build Challenge...but actually receiving the prizes today is double the surprise! THANK YOU again to our sponsors and to all the admins, mods and members of ZEROGUNZ! Anyways here are some lousy pics I hastily took after getting
the box...

The box is solidly packed and is kinda difficult to open, had to use a cutter to do so...

Good thing is that this was delivered even if it only has my nickname on the delivery slip...hihi

Opening up to see the goodies...the trophy is packed inside the contents of the MG...

The trophy is really nice! the cup is actually made up of real it!!! :)

Thanks ZEROGUNZ!!!

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