Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PG Zeta commission work WIP part XI

Hello again, I painted the armor parts of the PG Zeta yesterday and I altered the color scheme a bit. Instead of just using hues of grays on it, I used bluish gray tones. I primed the parts the other day, let it stand to cure overnight and painted the armor parts yesterday. It took me around 8 hours painting them and got really tired and slept early. As usual I used Tamiya acrylics on these parts, some Tamiya retarder and future to seal in the acrylic paint...anyways here are some pics of the supplies/paints I used...

Here are some pics of the armor parts on satay sticks, the colors are not that accurate in the photos but not that far from the real colors also.hihi

This last pic was taken today after assembling the yellow parts with the blue gray is coated with future already and is ready for panel line washing and decal work...

I have yet to clean up the exo parts and the backpack but will do as soon as I can. Thanks for viewing! :)

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