Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PG Zeta commission work WIP part XII

Ello guys, I just finished painting the internals with a custom mix Tamiya acrylic gunmetal of some sort yesterday. I also used Tamiya copper for the fat part of the pistons...everything went well, and as usual the paint retarder worked like a charm. I was not able to take pictures of the internals coz my camera ran out of juice. I assembled the whole shebang already so here are some pics...

While I was prepping the internal parts for priming, I also did some decal work on the major armor parts...but I have yet to do decals on some other parts. There is a slight silvering on a couple of decals, I will have to cut that with an art knife and apply a softener later...hopefully that will work. The whole kit is still in gloss ( future ) coat for decalling. Hopefully this will look better once flat coated.

I sprayed Tamiya clear green on the clear sensors and the eyes and coated it with future...looks better than the original colorless version.

I painted the boosters and the fat part of the pistons with Tamiya copper, I was surprised that a metallic acrylic from Tamiya would actually look ok on it's own without any other color mixtures.

The inconsistent sheen and gloss is mainly due to the mist coat of future I applied yesterday...the color will hopefully look more consistent and the texture look smoother once I have flat coated this kit. I also have not done some enamel washes, will do as soon as I painted the other parts.

Just as I thought that I am almost done, looking at the backpack, gun and the shield...it seems like I will be painting another 1/100 kit. These parts are huge! Anyways, the other parts are primed now, but I saw some sprue marks and some seamlines here and there, will have to repair those errors and reprime.

Thanks for viewing! :)

UPDATE 02-20-10: Almost done...

I panel lined the PG Zeta today, decalled it yeseterday and painted the backpack and other parts earlier today also...This build wil be done soon...I will just have to give the main kit a flat coat and decal the backpack, gun and shield...This will be the last update on this build...I will be posting it in my gallery soon! Anyways, here are a few pics...

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