Sunday, February 28, 2010

AC White Glint snapfitted - WIP part V

Ello guys, I finished snap fitting the AC " White Glint " and I must say that this kit with the Vanguard Overed Boost ( V. O. B. ) is the most impressive looking kit I have done so far! Man, it looks fierce and collection worthy even without painting. This is great stuff from kotobukiya, shame it does not have an anime hence is not as popular as Gundams. I should say even though it is on the pricey side of model kits, that this kit is very very well worth 4,200 Php ( with the V. O. B. ) it looks a ton better than the 3,500 Php Sinanju or the 4,000 Php HiNu. I highly recommend this kit to medium level and advance modelers, that is if you can find one. Well, no wonder this kit is rare and difficult to get.

Anyways here are
some pics I took, I did not put the wires that connects the V. O. B. to the shoulder thingee of the White Glint coz it is too tedious for snap fitting purposes. This kit has lot of seam lines though, and I will be covering them on the succeeding posts, I might even tag that as a removing seam line tutorial. Now, here are some comparison pics of the kit with a MG MKII, note that the MK II is a bit taller than your average MG, say RX 78 2...

 Now here are some pics of this very impressive looking kit...

Thanks for viewing! :)

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