Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gundam Unicorn official PV3

Ello guys, I purposely looked for this video in youtube...I am planning to get a Kshatriya, a couple of  Geara Zulu and also a hguc Unicorn for a dio idea I have. However, I possible client inquired ( emailed ) if I could do a commission work for him of a Kshatriya, so I have to postpone the plan of getting the kit now. I am still itchy to get the kit (Kshatriya ) tomorrow because of this video but might get a MG Unicorn instead. The new series rocks, I don't care much about the plot and the details I am just really excited about the mechs...I hope they release a MG versions of the key mechs in this new Ova, specially the Kshatriya. Anyways here is a video I grabbed in youtube by eltia...

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