Saturday, February 27, 2010

AC White Glint color scheme study - WIP part IV

Ello guys, I was snapfitting the Armored Core White Glint since 12 noon today, basically 5 hours I got tired now. The kit is roughly as big as the MG Gundam Wing but has so much parts, almost as many as a MG HiNu. I enjoyed the build but was very unfamiliar with the dynamics and the mechanisms of the kit, very unusual design and very different from a Bandai kit. However, initially before building the kit, i thought that the quality of plastic is different from Bandai, the fit aint as tight as bandai sometimes but the other parts are extra tight. I would not recommend cutting the male pegs though, coz the pegs are already short in the first place and again some parts can be easilly detached and attached with ease.

There are a few transformation gimmicks and
even though it does not have an internal skeleton ( MG feature ), the assembly is pretty solid and the articulation looks as dynamic as your average MG. There are quite a number of seam lines to fix though and a few are on the most obvious parts like the chest and the lower leg parts. I have not finished snap fitting both arms and the guns but I could say that your money is worth the buy. The kit looks awesome, nice details, really good articulation, solid feel, workable plastic material and a nice non-Gundam build for anyone. I would not recommend the kit to beginners though but it will be a nice challenge for medium level modelers.

I also designed a few color schemes last night and will have to ask the client for approval. Anyways, here are some pics...

I personally like the last option, option has the original feel to it with just a few light gray areas to give it more depth. Now, here are some pics of the incomplete kit...

The kit came with three visors, the first one is black, then a clear blue and a clear one...I decided to use the clear blue but I might paint the clear one with clear red and try to see if it looks better.

The feet looks awesome, it is a very very refreshing experience for me to assemble a non-Gundam feet design this time, i like the movable fins in particular.

The crotch is ok, but I think I have to replace those fins with scratch built ones to give it more depth...

The head looks great! I love the small details on top of it and the pointy horns which are soft to minimize the risk of breaking I guess.

Here are some pics, incomplete of course, I might resume tonight after dinner or do it tomorrow after meeting up with the PG Zeta client.

The feet design looked great already but transforming it to flight mode made it look better!

The shoulder thingees stretches out nicely and has hatches at the back...

The shoulder thingees folds up, maybe if it not in flight mode, those should be folded like so...I have no idea, but it was a nice gimmick! The problem is that i have to mod it a bit so that when painted the shoulder mechanisms won't scratch each other during transformation.

Well, that's about it...first I have to ask the client for the color scheme, but I would not be surprised if he likes it in ootb colors, the kit just plainly looks cool even without colors, heck it looks cool even without painting!!!....My next post are pictures of the snapfitted kit with the Vanguard Overed Boost, anyways, thanks for viewing!

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