Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bumblebee toddler shoes

Hello guys, I have not posted any of my TF toys here but I am also a transformer's fan...I have a few...maybe 40 TF toys. Anyways, it's nearly Christmas my family and I goes to the mall every weekends,,,,thus not much time for gunpla these days. Anyways, I just want to share's my 2 year old son's rubber shoes. His sister's ( 2 ) bought the usual dora and barbie shoes...but I get to choose my son's...hehe...I was crossing my fingers and was looking for a gundam shoe but to no I opted for a transformer shoe. All of the designs looks great...the optimus prime looks very primelike...the megatron is all black and gray....they ALL look good. BUT, the bumblebee shoe struck me the is in black and yellow and looks so much like my Kampfer instead of bumblebee...I thought that a bumblebee shoe should be predominantly yellow and not an even or equal amount of black and yellow, much like my Kampfer. Anyways here are a few pics...oh btw, I love the shoe so much...for a second I was looking for a size that would fit me.hahaha

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