Sunday, December 6, 2009

" On Guard " feat hguc Zaku

Hello guys, I managed to finish this today, actually a flatter coat would be nice, but I settled for a semi-gloss finish giving it a somewhat realistic look to it. This is just a relax build after Bakuc actually...I just battle damaged an old hguc Guncannon built around February 2009 ( not sure ) and I also did some simple pla plating on the hguc Zaku and gave it a real mono-eye instead of the sticker eyes you get with the kit. I made some boo boos because of using an industrial grade thinner for cleaning up the airbrush, thus producing a pebbly texture on the Zaku...but I somehow like gave the Zaku some needed character. The Zaku is a bit clean in comparison to my usual builds, I figured that the story could be that it is the Zaku's first sortie/mission. Anyways here are some pics...


THANKS for viewing! : )

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