Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wing Gundam Zero Custom - battle damaged

I just  finished painting / weathering my old MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom today and I am pretty happy with the outcome. I gave this kit some battle damage effects  days ago with Hasegawa U type and flat type chisels and also with an ordinary art knife.

I then gave it the sponge paint chipping effects that I also did with the AC White Glint build, however unlike the brown and flat earth enamel washes of the White Glint, I gave this one an ordinary black mixed with flat earth enamel wash. Thus it does not have the rusted old and battered look that I achieved with the AC kit. I will never weather with neutral colors ( black and gray ) next time and will stick to my rust colored weathering. hihi

The concept is to make it look like it is rising from it's grave thus I gave the kit a simple seemingly rising from the dead pose with its arms tucked on the sides and wings still pointing towards the ground...I think the pose gives the overall impression that it just rose from the ground and has just awaken from the dead. sort of Wing Gundam Zero Custom reborn.

The main reason why I wanted to finish this today is because after looking at my AC White Glint build for some time, I realized that the finishing is too flat and that the rubber wires at the back of the shoulders is a bit frosted so I needed to put a nice semi gloss, semi flat top coat to it. BUT, I am lazy to set up my airbrush just to topcoat one kit, so I finished this and gave both a semi flat / semi glossy finish. Anyways, here are some pics of the build...

Thanks for dropping by! til next post! ;D
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