Saturday, December 12, 2009

Macbook Pro

Hello again! I was planning to get a HD tv and a PS3 this holidays, but after getting silver last Bakuc 2009...I created this blog to funnel my frustration and got addicted in blogging. Thus, I decided to get a Macbook Pro and a wifi router for more internet and blogging fun, I had a 24 inch imac, but it is not working anymore...and the repairs would cost me $ 800...too much for an old mac...thus getting this pretty laptop is more reasonable...hehe..actually a PC is the most reasonable.hahaha

Anyways, I decided to get an NBA 2k10 game also and a Xbox 360 controller as a substitute for not getting a PS3...the thing is I am not much of a gamer...I just like NBA games like live and 2k...thus a PS3 would be just a waste of money for me. The downside of getting the game and the controller is less time for gunpla as of the moment, well until I get tired of playing with it...I usually get over the addiction in a week or two...coz I am not that good with it.hehe

I got the Macbook Pro last Monday ( December 7, 2009 ) and got the game and the controller yesterday...btw, I might still get the HD tv for the kids plus I could use the tv as my monitor for this laptop too, hihi...Anyways here are some pics...

I also bought a clear blue casing for it, to match my blog...hehehe...

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