Saturday, November 14, 2009

MG RX-78-2 ver 1 - 10th anniversary model

Hello guys, I finished this last March 2009 and this kit is by far the ugliest I've build when assembled out of the box! so, I gave an old crappy kit some lovin, to practice my AB skills and panel line scribing...No mods here, I just added a few panel lines in the shoulder, calf and leg armor. This kit is basically a recolored version of the original and first MG of the RX-78 back in 1995. crappy kit, lots of seamlines ( thighs, legs, feet arms and head ) and a few parts like the hands, v-fin and the joints are polycap type materials! so it was impossible to sand!...It was not fun at all sanding and building this kit, but it was a fast build anyways, and I had fun in the painting, and decaling part. I still made a few mistakes in AB, but I think I'm getting a bit more comfortable by the kit...
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