Saturday, November 14, 2009

MG GunCannon

This was my first airbrushed MG and I did this mid November 2008 while waiting for the trip to Bakuc finals at Hong Kong...I was inspired by erix's " The Last Gate " diorama which won the BAKAC GRAND Champion 2005... However, I had a hard time to continue to modify it further ( specially the cannon part ), simply because it has been done before. Nath Barrera of the Philippines ( 2006 and 2007 Philippine Bakuc Champion ) also has a modified Guncannnon, thus I have NO plans whatsoever of entering this kit in future competitions, and therefore LACK the inspiration to further modify it to competition standards. However I made a very conscious effort to try not to look like the previous Guncannons by Erix and Nath, thus ending up with an OOTB work. LOL. Hope you enjoy the pics...It took me a month to finish this. btw, I preweathered it with an enamel wash for future use as a complimentary piece in a diorama. Thanks for viewing...

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