Saturday, November 14, 2009

HG 1/100 Exia diorama verDC23

I finished the Dynamez way back September 2008, V-fins are not even sharpened actually...basically the dynamez is one of my old works, it is painted with spray cans and was a fast OOTB build. I then decided to battle damaged it to serve as a complimentary piece for my 1/100 Exia.

There are no mods to the Dynamez and the base is made up of wood, styrofoam for the hill and my Wood glue + real sand = real looking texture technique.

After roughly 3 weeks of basic work with my 1/100 Exia, finishing it around May 28 is finally done...Help has arrived for Dynamez ( which was done/weathered around May 4 2009 )!

The conncept is simple...the Exia was still being repaired when the post of Dynamez was detected and attacked! So, even though the repairs on Exia are not finished has to support Dynamez in the battle...

I call this dio " The Final Stand "....well it simply looks that both MS are engaging in a final stand to defend something right?

The Exia has simple pla plating to enhance the detail only...but during the build or modding stage, I am pretty much conscious not to overdo it and upstage Dynamez in the final dio. Thus, I did not change the rubber parts and did not put any metal thingees on the Exia...and also I changed the blue tone of the Exia to give it a more serious-clinging to survive kinda look...hoped it worked.

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