Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Freelance Work Is More Fun!

Freelance Work Is More Fun photo

I have been working at the 2nd largest TV Network in my country for the past 10 years, but have just recently resigned. I resigned back in February. I have set-up my home office immediately upon resignation, and have been doing a few commissioned artworks since then.

It took me a little more than a month to get used to the new lifestyle. No commutes and home cooked meals, will help you transition pretty well.

It has been a life changing experience thus far. I have 3 kids and they seem to love the idea that I am forever at home. Working freelance at home is Life! You get to spend more time with what matters the most, the family and the projects that you work on. No wastage of time. No traffics and downtimes.

You get to spend more time with the family, more time in honing your craft and more time to earn more. Other than the family time, even during work. The best thing in freelance work are the clients. You get to directly interact with your clients, thus you directly get praises for your hard work. No bosses to act as middlemen.

You are in control of your earnings, your time and your value. Do give it some thought. Do you love your cubicle life? Or do you want to potentially earn more, while you comfortably work at home?

Anyways, t's 4am now... and I have an interview at toptal in a few hours. Wish me luck guys! Hope I get to be accepted as a toptal artist after tomorrow! Until next update guys! Ciao!

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