Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Will do Character Designs for LABMASU soon!

Character Designs for LABMASU Photo

LABMASU is a new  company who produces scenario based games with cards and miniatures. They just gave me the opportunity to DESIGN a couple of characters for them. I will need to design them for 3D printing and would also need to produce some illustrations for the rule book and cards.

I have done a couple of character design work for my day job, but you don't get much credit when doing it for your day job ( as usual ). I also sketch various characters out of imagination once in a while, but have yet to do something that would have my name in game cards and booklets!

This is totally insane stuff as I am not drawing something established or designed already, but I will actually be responsible for the birth of new characters for a game! LABMASU will be sending me the descriptions for the characters soon, and I will have to produce sketches of them from my imagination.

Totally excited for this project! Albeit I am juggling various drawing and painting projects atm. Looking forward to sharing to you some of my initial character design sketches at my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts very soon!

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! CIAO!

Character Designs for LABMASU Photo

Character Designs for LABMASU Photo

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