Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Producing ART as Yourself is Most Fulfilling

Producing ART as Yourself is Most Fulfilling Photo

Producing ART ( or anything craft or skill related ) as Yourself is Most Fulfilling.

As I've said before, I am average in both Digital and Traditional Art.  And like most artists, I do have a day job, to pay the bills. But I have been focused on my craft the past week. And have been producing ART for clients ( hopefully happy clients ) like a popcorn vendor.

I was known as DC23 when I used to do Gunpla, but have been using my real name as an artist for a while now. What makes me so happy today, is the feeling that everything you do and produce, is credited directly to your hard work and skills. And you get to spread your real name in the process.

Unlike the usual day job, where you learn to work as a team and  give everything you can for a company. Producing ART for people as YOURSELF is so much more fulfilling! People appreciate what you do and in return, they get to know you by your real or pseudo name ( unlike the day job where they just get to know the company or your team ).

I am pretty sure, any artist would relate to the fulfillment of doing what you love to do. And getting paid for it,  as a bonus!

Spreading your ART is the name of the game. Sharing your passion for any craft is the extreme fulfillment. And establishing yourself versus establishing others is the greatest reward!

I hope young aspiring artists get to read this short post. Get a day job if you need one, but continue to hone your craft and skills... coz NO ONE can take them away from you. People driven by their passion will always succeed. Always.

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! CIAO!

Producing ART as Yourself is Most Fulfilling Photo

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