Saturday, July 5, 2014

Winsor & Newton Artisan WATER Mixable OIL Colour

Yes guys, you read the title right, these OIL paints are WATER soluble! I have been using these paints for so many years now. I used them as weathering paints for my Gunplas and also used them as washes for my dioramas and miniatures.

Experienced modelers would know that although enamels and other non-acrylic paints give you pretty good results when it comes to weathering, these non-acrylic paints HARM the plastics of our model kits in varying levels. Enamel paints are Gunpla Killers Guys!!!

I have been using acrylic Vallejo washes, paints and pigments for so many years, instead of enamels and other paints that harm Gunpla plastic. They are a charm to work with ( if you know what you are doing ), as they dry really fast. Vallejo paints give you vibrant weathering that are very easy to use but give you a different challenge due to their really fast drying time.

I thought of sharing my SECRET weathering paints today. I highly recommend them as you sort of get the best of OIL and ACRYLIC paints. These Winson and Newton paints works like OIL paints as you can manage and control them longer ( slower drying time ). These oil paints are water soluble ( no friggin idea how oil paint is water soluble ), so it feels like you are using acrylic paints.

Imagine using paints with the great properties of OIL paints minus the harmful effects on plastics and with a faster drying time ( than true oil paints ). These paints are inventions from heaven! Do try a tube and I will give your money back if you are not happy with them. LOL

Weather those gunpla away guys! Happy modeling! 

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