Sunday, July 6, 2014

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Quick Review

I just saw the 4th installment of the Transformers Age of Extinction yesterday. 
I watched it with my 3 kids and wife, ate a lot of pizza and popcorn and sat there for 165 minutes of mind blowing special effects.

I am not a movie critic or anything, although I would say I am a movie enthusiast as I am a visual effects artist by profession. So unlike movie critics, I did not come to the movie house expecting good character development or complex thrilling sub plots.

I do think Michael Bay tried to show character development and subplots, but as expected they are weak and was obviously not the main concern of the production.

I also must say that I am not a big fan of how the Transformers look in the first place, as I grew up loving the 80's blocky versions instead. I did appreciate Bay for trying to please the old school fans by showing Optimus Prime in his classic look during the first part of the film. 

So not so good plot, subplots, character design and character development aside. The Transformers 4 still delivered the goods in my book. The film is practically 120 minutes of blown buildings, transforming and fighting robots and out of this world action packed scenes. You sit down in the theatre expecting crazy visual effects and you will get crazy visual effects. 

However, for some odd reason, Even with the impressive visual effects. The film was not the sort of experience wherein you talk about it for hours after watching. My wife and kids went straight to shopping at Powebooks and did not even check out the action figures at Toys R Us. 

Highly impressive out of this world visual effects that felt you've all seen it before. This film is best in DVD as my little 6 year old son could skip ( fast forward and rewind ) to the action scenes of the film. Not a film worth sitting for almost 3 hours in a dark room, in my honest opinion.

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