Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bandai HGUC Neo Zeong POLL Results!

image below via S.Bomb

My small POLL Who is Getting the HGUC 1/144 NZ-999 Neo Zeong? just closed. 

I got 44 votes in total, 
  • Hell Yes ( will get this kit ) - 18 votes ( 40% )
  • Hell No ( will NOT get this kit ) - 12 votes ( 27% )
  • Maybe - 14 votes ( 31% )
The results pretty much speaks for itself. I myself will definitely get the kit! Not as early as other Gunpla friends as I will find it hard to find the budget to do so. But if I need to loan money from a bank, I will do so! I want this kit so badly, I will definitely get it within the year!

Anyways, thanks a ton for your votes, do check out future POLLs here in my blog guys! Thanks for dropping by! Until my next poll! :)

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