Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hope to be back soon! :)

Hmmm, blogging felt so easy way back.

My previous blog post was back in May of 2013, it felt like a decade ago though. I plan to get back to the hobby once I have set up a nice work station in my house. No plans of getting back to 210 lbs though. My house is currently under construction, which gives me hope that I will finally be able to set up a work station for this hobby I used to love so much.

Basically I lost my house a couple of years back, my camera broke then eventually my trusty old laptop broke down too. All these events led to being lazy with the hobby.

I sincerely apologize to all my pending commission projects ( international and local ). I promise to make it up to you some way or another. I plan to finish all those commish if everyone is still interested or I could give back your down payments. No excuses whatsoever, just had a rough patch these past few years.

I am back on top of the hill now! Not really, but I think I can go back to the hobby sooner than later.

I should be meeting with an old Gunpla friend in Kenny Lim ( of Singapore ) aka TOYMAKER this month. Just seeing the dude should fire me up! That dude sure will inspire and motivate me again to pick up my art knife. Kenny is that handsome.

I will try to update my gallery with kits and toy repaints I finished last year. This blog should be fun or at least busy again this year. I just need to re-learn how to tweak with htmls and stuff. Hope to show stuffs soon. 

Til' next post guys! Just Enjoy the Hobby! :)

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