Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ironman statue in progress

I thought I will go straight to painting this handsome Ironman statue, apparently I had to fix the pose a bit as it is not standing straight.

The figure is made of fairly soft white rubber. And due to the stress of the weight of the torso, the legs and ankle parts loosened up and it cannot hold a straight pose.

I had to reglue the ankle part and the left leg knee part and reinforce it with green stuff. The green stuff will harden much like the material of the figure and should help in maintaining a straight pose.

I also had to disassemble all the parts of the figure so that I could clean up those hard to reach areas in between the connecting pieces.

Once the green stuff hardens in an hour or so, I will then start to do battle damage painting on this lovely figure. As always I will be sealing all the painting with wipe and shine soon.

Stay tuned guys as I try to improve this already handsome figure. :)

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