Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Step by Step painting guide by Thomas David

Step by Step painting guide by Thomas David photo

I actually did some zenithal lighting using my airbrush yesterday with my Fennblades, but I think I came a bit short in achieving the effect convincingly. It's all about contrast and highlights when it comes to miniatures and I have yet to achieve the effect in my second attempt.

Oh well, no frustrations here... just need to paint more and learn more.

I have here an effective use of zenithal lighting with an airbrush though. Great stuff that clearly shows the nice effect. Glad to have an airbrush as I could do this in all my figures. It is indeed a quick way to achieve subtle yet noticeable color tones. I need to get those inks soon... or maybe a few more tubes of oil paints. Anyways here is the full tutorial at Helldorado...

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