Tuesday, March 13, 2012

scoring 7 points at CMON for my first mini!

Madrak Ironhide by DC23 photo

This was my first ever mini and it's scoring 7.1 at CoolMiniOrNot.com! Thank you for all the votes at CMON!

I posted a photo at CMON a few days back, knowing that my mini is not good enough though. However I know I should improve with a bit of practice, so putting up my first should be my benchmark to improve. I voted 3 points for my mini as that is how I see it... but getting 7 from the other members is pretty encouraging. Maybe they think I am a young dude and being my first mini, they do not want to put a harsh 3 points in their votes.

Hope to do better with my current mini project... I need to buy a couple of good sable brushes, a few inks and a few more bottles of Vallejos. This hobby is so much fun... less sanding... more painting!

Anyways here is my post at CMON...

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