Monday, September 26, 2011

2012 competition... online soon!

2012 teaser poster

We don't call our forums MECH Arts Community for nothing. We might as well call our forums Gundam Community forums if the only builds that we do our Gundam model kits right? We love Gundams very much, but their are a ton more robots out there.

We also know that the Gunpla Builders World Cup is coming soon... well, it's all Gundams and Bandai marketing stuff, so I just want you guys to brace yourself on something bigger, better and a totally never before seen event!

We also value creativity and originality so much in our forums, and we try to push our members to do more with their model kits other than sand the nub marks and paint. So we have something really really good very soon. And I believe it is obvious by now that we do not do it small time... have you seen how we celebrated our MAC forums anniversary?

Or have you seen the prizes of our recently concluded Europe Gunpla Cupcreated by Jonathan Kaminski aka Kamm? Those are great prizes courtesy of Kamm and Hobby Link Japan, BUT we assure you of even better and bigger prizes come 2012!

As much as I want to share to you the details of this huge undertaking that we are cooking up inside our MAC forums, I just want to leave you with this poster inspired by the awesome art of an Alien Mech Bust by dasAdam at DiviantArt.

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post guys!

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